Thursday, May 29, 2003

i had my 3rd dose of anti hepa-b vaccine today...

that's about it for today.;p

Friday, May 16, 2003

la-di-da! summer vacation's almost over and i'm actually excited to get back to school! can you believe that?! i think it's because i've missed having allowances...hehehe j/k. anyway, i am excited, i guess. i wonder what med school would be like. would it be super hirap? all nighters all the time? the end of my SOCIAL LIFE? *shudders* i'm not expecting many new faces since almost all my classmates would be people from SLU. i personally think that's an omen of the impending end of my social life... ;p . hehehe

let's move forward to a less morbid topic: our web site. please pleeeeaaaase be a doll, guys, and sign my guest book! i would love to hear from you and you can e-mail me or jay for your suggestions and ideas. you could even send articles or poems you wrote...i mean that site is should be a group endeavor, right? plus i'm all dried up of new ideas and gimmicks and pakulos. just visit it and u'll know what i mean...kung anu-anong katopakan ang pinaggagagwa ko dun!

i have to go...for now. this is winter signing off. ;p