Thursday, March 31, 2005

"Ako'y malungkot nanaman..."

Last sunday we adopted two abandoned chicks from our farm in La Union... uh... not a girl chick but a chicken-chick... Barely a week has passed and I've grown super close with those chicks, Somnus and Piglet.

In Greek mythology, Somnus is the god of sleep. Somnus the Chick is aptly named because whenever we held him/her (yeah, can't tell if Somnus the Chick is girl or a boy...)he/she immediately closes his/her eyes and goes to sleep.. cute fellah... :)well his/her somnolence lessened during the past week but the name stayed...

Piglet the Chick was named so because he/she (yep...i can't really tell a chick's gender...) was found near the pig sty... but we're thinking on changing Piglet's name to Aguilus... hehe!

Pero bakit ako malungkot? pagkauwi ko galing preparation for RYLA tomorrow hinanap ko agad yung dalawa... Si Piglet na lang nakita ko... ang ingay nya..."nasan yung isa?"
they were all wearing grim faces. "wala na xa...kinain ni Nugget."
(our dog...asong named after a chicken meal? chicks named after a greek god and a pig cartoon character? anong klaseng mga amo to...?)
I was silent for maybe three minutes. The only sound breaking the silence was Piglet's incessant cries/chirps... Then my dad told me that ER, my younger bro, got into a fight in his school and got the worse of it. I was silent for another three minutes.
After my silence...
"Nalungkot ako..."
"Eh kami kanina pa nalulungkot."
"Nalulunkot talaga ako... Mas nalungkot ako dun sa chick kesa kay ER..."

Then they looked at me as if I grew another head.
"Eh namatay na sya eh...Excited pa naman akong makitang lumaki sya para malaman ko kung sasso nga sya..." :_(

Wierd but true... my heart is heavy with the loss of Somnus the Chick... :( Nag ice cream na lang kami ni Piglet... (yep, my chick eats ice cream...)I miss does Piglet.

"Ako'y malungkot nanaman..."

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Hottah! Hottah! Summer na!

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oi! san tayo? tara people! kelan tayo magkikita-kita? miss ko na kayo as in! :)