Monday, June 30, 2003

i'm on my fourth week in med school... and i'm already exhausted. as in.

i've done badly in all my quizzes and practicals...i'm just not cut out to review my lessons every night. i'm not used to that. i'm the cramming type of student... ;p i need to change my study habits (which is virtually non-existent by the way ::heehee::

i'd like to take time to thank my 'rents and ato who are so uber understanding of the mess i'm currently in. thanks for always cheering me on and by understanding that i'm still adapting. you make my life so much bearable and you've shown me that there's still hope. i love you. (yuck! ang mushy!!! see, nakakaloka talaga ang med! kidding aside, i really meant what i wrote *blushes*)

the site is currently under construction...and you'll be seeing changes soon. please be patient, it's hard working on it...being busy and all. but here are things to look forward to:

::i'll be featuring article/essays by various super ::ahem:: talented writers (totoo! hintay na lang kayo!)

::since mayngayt is also a site for anime...u'll soon be seeing a segment called "stuff u'll never hear anime characters say!" --that's not yet the title...any suggestions to make it sound catchy? 'll be starting with samurai x...since it's my all time fave anime ;P

::pictures! pictures! pictures!

::calendar girls/boys from our batch! a must see!!!

i'd love hearing from you guys...i'm open for suggestions...just e-mail me, kei?

this is winter signing off.