Thursday, September 22, 2005

Rain, Rain, Go Away...

Last night, Bernard wanted to make a bet with me that we wouldn't have classes today. I wanted him to be wrong. Kawawa naman kami sa make-up kapag nagkataon. Pagod na ako. Pagod na ako mag-aral. I have given my all this prelims and midterms that I feel I no longer have anything to give this finals. I'm drained to my bones. It turned out that he was right. Buti na lang hindi ako naki pusta :)

Yeah, make up nanaman ito. At malamang sumabay sa Pedia quiz on saturday ang quiz sana namin sa OB ngayon. I even left all my notes sa locker that's why I had to go to the dorm to borrow Lucky's book on Bioethics (quiz bukas, gud lak). But it turned out that this day is what I really needed. A day of respite from all the past few weeks' toxicity. I got to sleep 'til 10:30 am this morning, and although I had to go out (despite of the typhoon) and meet with Lucky (+ go to school to get my notes), we (Shean, Pinky, Lucky and I) got to see a movie. :)

I was all set to watch Dubai, kaya lang wala pa. So we watched Sky High instead. Pambata. But it was worth a good laugh. Just what we needed to de-stress... Plus ang gwapo ni Warren Peace (Steven Straight). *swoon* I want a guy like him! hehehe! I'm sooo de-stressed right now. :D Pwede na uli lumaban. :)

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