Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Hole in My Soul

Ever tried catching fish with your bare hands? I didn't. I caught one with just one hand. :) That was roughly three weeks ago. I was at my grandparent's place, it was about 2 pm and because it was sooo hot i thought of havingsiesta... I was walking around, looking for a place to sleep when I saw my bro Roland sitting by the fish pond. I went to sit right beside him, and know what, after two minutes he left. O-kay... Maybe he wants privacy for his own thoughts...

Anyways, so I was there, just soaking up the scenery, enjoying the silence, thinking of nothing in particular, grateful for the respite i was having from all those draining post grad studies... when my attention was riveted to the pond. There was this splashing sound and when I looked I saw the water being splashed around. Curiousity got the best of me, and since I didn't have my glasses on i went closer to check it out...

Could that be? No, it couldn't... ?! It is! Dalag! (mud fish!)

My first thought was , "Hey, it isn't moving much, maybe I can grab it...If cats can do it, so can I." As I approached it as quietly as I can, I stopped and went back to where I was sitting and put down
my Baby on the balsa (bamboo raft).

As I proceeded to do what I set out to do, crouching like a tiger (
naks, sige na nga, like a pusakal), slowly extending my right hand, doubts entered my mind.

If I did this wouldn't I get hurt? Wouldn't my hand get pricked? May tusok ba xa? Pano kung madulas? Kung masugatan ako, is it worth it?

It was. It is. :)

It's just catching fish, big deal, you might say. Well, yeah, it's just catching fish, but I have done what some of my friends only dreamed of doing. To catch a fish with bare hands, and I did it with just one.

Naisip ko tuloy, ganun pala 'yun. Ang paghuli ng isda ay parang pag-ibig din. It comes when you least expect it and when it's there...

If I did this wouldn't I get hurt? Wouldn't my heart get broken? Mapagkakatiwalaan ko ba xa? Pano kung hindi xa totoo? Kung masugatan ako, is it worth it?

May kasamang risk ang paghuli ng isda na gamit ang mga kamay lamang. Ganun din ang umibig ng buong puso. Is it worth it?

Hindi ko malalaman kung hindi ko susubukan.

Makukuntento na lang ba ako sa isda na lang?

There's a hole in my soul
that's been killing me forever
It's a place where a garden never grows.
~Hole in My Soul, Aerosmith


reisyn said...

naks paisda isda ka pa sa pag-iibig ka rin pala mapupunta... hehehe...Ü masarap ung isda?Ü

winter said...

hehe!! hindi ko natikman... iniwan ko sa baba... :)

ang corny ko!!! hihihi!!! :)