Sunday, December 18, 2005


I'm dying to live my own life again.
I'm dying, dying to sleep forever,
Never to awaken.
Sleep forever,
Until you're forgotten.

I'm dying to believe the truth again.
I'm dying, dying to bury your lies.
There is life after you.
Bury your lies,
Start all over anew.

I'm dying to take back my life again.
I'm dying, dying to live on my own.
Stand aside beholden,
Live on my own,
Still alone amidst them.

I'm dying to breathe, feel alive again.
I'm dying trying to live without you.
Life's easy, I gather,
Live without you,
Happ'ly ever after.

I'm dying not to feel the cold again.
I'm dying, dying all over again.
You left me here hanging,
All over again,
And now I have nothing.
shee: liz, san galing 'yan?
liz: ha? sa... puso ko... :)
hehe... di nga... this poem was inspired by Five for Fighting's Dying. it was dec. 16, 2005, around 11:30 pm, nakahiga na'ko, between being awake and being stupurous nadinig ko yang song na yan for the first time. i was ready to sleep but my heart wasn't... so ayan...

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